We chat with the very talented Perth artist, Elysia Bullen about what inspires her art and where her love of art stems from.


Who is Elysia Bullen?

I’m a passionate artist and aspiring art therapist, currently majoring in Visual Arts. I’ve always loved art, music, photography, writing and reading – any form of expression that allows my creativity to blossom. I love music and the Japanese culture, and am always open to new and interesting experiences that expand my mind and knowledge.
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How would you describe your art?

My art explores visionary states and the inner self through expressions of dream, fantasy and psychedelia. My art usually involves an abundance of vibrant colour that screams liveliness, depth and passion.


How long have you been an artist?

Since as long as I can remember! From a very young age I was drawing and making things for my family and friends. This passion stayed with me through my adolescent years and is still growing. I’ve gone from doodles and sketches in my notebook, to Japanese manga, to animal, portrait, and landscape sketching/painting, to visionary drawings. Lately, I’ve found my niche in visionary painting.


What inspires your art?

Visionary, psychedelic and digital art greatly inspire my work. Any art that bursts with colour and is made with heart and spirit fuels my inspiration. Through my love for these styles of art, I have come across many artistic inspirations; including Alex Grey, Cameron Gray, David Ho, H.R. Giger, Louis Dyer, Andrew Gonzalez and more. My art is also inspired by my love for Japanese and Egyptian culture, as well as my general surroundings, passions or inner states.


Biggest achievement in your art career so far?

My biggest achievement will always be making others smile when they purchase or view my artwork. To create happiness and light in the lives of others through doing something I love is an indescribably beautiful feeling.



What is your favourite Perth spot?

Lately, Fremantle. The atmosphere is great, the people are lovely and it’s always good to be near the beach – not to mention the music and art scene there is fantastic! You can’t go past the peace and quiet in the Perth Hills, though. There is beauty no matter where we are.


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