Q & A with Fat Fooks of Perth

Who are Fat Fooks of Perth?

We are Nicola, Shannon, Jay, Kelly, Carina and Div – a group of friends who came together over a mutual love of food! We love to eat and try new places. We love looking at photos of food, watching TV shows on food, cooking delicious food and talking about food, we’re pretty obsessed with food haha! We’ve all travelled to many places around the world and found the things we remember most is the magical food. Our friends will regularly ask us about cool places to eat whether it’s in Perth or on their travels and we just love sharing our passion with them and we look forward to seeing if they had the same experience!
Fat Fooks: Nicola, Shannon, Jay, Kelly, Carina, Div
Where did the idea for Fat Fooks of Perth Originate?
We realised we were Fat Fooks when we regularly ventured to Tom’s Kitchen for their degustations on Wednesdays (RIP)! and realised we had quite a fast growing list of other places we wanted to try. Also our love of cake and all sweet delights lives up to the name!
Dinner at Bivouac

Dinner at Bivouac

Where are your top five picks for a cheap eat in Perth?
Le Vietnam – who doesn’t love a banh mi? And these are the best in Perth not only for the fact they’re between $6 – $10 but also for the amazing service and the guaranteed deliciousness. They also feature a constant rotation of new creative flavours! This place is magical!
Village Bar – they do brilliant specials including Hot Dog night for $5 on Wednesdays and Steak night for $15 on Thursdays – great quality too! Their arancini balls are to die for!
Dosukoi – being city dwellers we frequent the Allendale Square eatery the most. Their No 6 fried chicken ramen is the stuff dreams are made of! And at under $10 it’s a bargain.
The Classroom – weeknight specials are amazing value for such gorgeous food but they also host regular themed Degustations where you get 5 cocktails matched with 5 meals for $100. Considering cocktails in Perth average around $20 we figure you’re getting the meals for free! 🙂
La Cholita – they have great specials as well so you can have their quesadillas for $10 on a Monday or their tacos for $2 with every drink on Sundays. Their jalapeno taco is the best thing ever!
Bomboloni at Lalla Roohk.

Bomboloni at Lalla Roohk.

What are your overall top 5 places to eat in Perth?
We’re fans of share food because you get to try it all! We definitely have way more than 5 top places but if you go by how many times we’ve been to them then these are winners.
Brika – definitely the most authentic Greek place in Perth! Their banquets are amazing value for a large group of people as you get so much food and everything is just amazing!
Darlings Supper Club – we had our first Fat Fooks Christmas dinner here! We love the quality and the flavours of the food here whether it be the dumplings, the substantial meat dishes, the salads, they’re all amazing! Brilliant that there’s a late night dinner option other than fast food!
Tropico – there are so many brilliant breakfast places in Perth but this has to be one of the prettiest and the tastiest! Worth the trip, if only they were one street down the road for the amazing view!
No Mafia – simple and delicious with a great wine list!
Dae Jang Geum – our favourite Korean BBQ place, we fight over the pork belly, the beef ribs and ssam sauce!
Breakfast at the Shipping Lane

Breakfast at the Shipping Lane

What would you like to see more of on the Perth food scene?
Everyone knows Perth has come a long way over the past 4 years. We now hold great events regularly like the Good Food & Wine Show, Taste of Perth, UnWined, Gourmet Escape. There are food trucks everywhere and now the Night Noodle Markets, it’s brilliant to see and there’s something for everyone. We’re showing the world we’re innovative with ideas like Lucky Chan’s with their crowd funding, DiBella Roasting Warehouse in Fremantle with their Crop to Cup philosophy and educating their coffee lovers, Le Vietnam with their banh mi creations. Perth is definitely not boring but there are a few things that we would like to see such as restaurants and bars opening later. There’s been many times when we’ve wanted to go somewhere cool on a Sunday in the CBD and had to go to Northbridge as most places are closed.
Also we’ve picked some food trends in the past so next on the list has to be Lobster Rolls! Also we would love to see a Momofuku in Perth! Nobody elses pork buns come close!
Breakfast at the City Farm

Breakfast at the City Farm

What are some of your favourite Perth Instagrams?
@theillusivefemme, @theskinnyperth, @leenthefoodie, @takemetofoodieheaven, @queenofbadtiming
And we’re pretty obsessed with donuts, cronuts and crack pie lately so we’re big fans of @topdupcoffee and @holefooddoughnuts