The endless benefits of fresh cold-pressed juices are well known, so its no surprise there are juice companies popping up all over Perth. We chat to Pressed Earth about  their love of Perth and what makes their juices so special.

Who is behind the Pressed Earth Concept?

That would be the Beare brothers, James, 29 and Tom, 25. Together, the boys founded Pressed Earth mid last year. James runs the business side of things and Tom the operations, dealing with local farmers, working with nutritionists and creating nutritionally balanced cold-pressed juices.


Pressed Earth Founders and owners Tom and James Beare

What is Pressed Earth all about?

Pressed Earth is about balance. We’re not telling people what to do our how to eat, we’re here to help make looking after yourself a little easier. In this day and age, life is fast-paced, we’re constantly juggling work and life, and health and wellbeing can be difficult to maintain. By giving people a nutritionally balanced juice (in particular, a broad range of green juices), we have created an easy way to incorporate daily greens, roots, fruits and nuts, without hours of prep – Tom’s done that part for you!


Who is Pressed Earth for?

Pressed Earth is made for each and every person in Perth who shares our same belief in living a balanced life. Our body and our mind are with us always, it’s important to be good to them. As stated, key idea behind Pressed Earth was to make it easier to do that. We have the super-fit, the fit and the not-so-fit, the young and the old, the yogi’s, the corporate crowd, the surfers, the swimmers, the list goes on. Regardless of where you’re at, we just wanted to create a product that could benefit everyone and that could give them the veggies and fruits that we need without a fuss.


What is your favourite place in Perth?

We know it’s probably a bit of a cliché when it comes to Perth, but it’d have to be our coastline. We are constantly down at Leighton dog beach. I know we should probably be a little more unique here, but it’s the truth! Having said that, we have our locals… The Daily in Swanbourne, for a great breaky we head to Piccolo’s Corner in West Leedy or Ootong and Lincoln in South Freo. We also go to Typika when in Claremont (who also stocks our juice) and our favourite place for a mid-week drink that’s not juice would have to be Mrs Brown’s in North Freo, and yes, we still get a burger from the Flipside next door! We are starting to get a little spoilt for choice here in Perth with all the great things popping up in Fremantle, Perth City, Northbridge and surrounding suburbs. We like to check out and support all the new bars and restaurants. Favourite newish places include Neighbourhood Pizza in Mt Hawthorn, Bread in Common and the new Raw Kitchen in Freo, Pinchos and Bill’s bar in Leedy. We even checked out Old Faithful Bar and BBQ on King’s Street the other night, after which we ran for a green juice or three! Nonetheless it’s still awesome to have so much great stuff going on.  At the end of the day, it’s still Leighton!


What sets Pressed Earth apart from other juice companies?

We can’t speak for other juice companies but can explain a little about how we go about things. Our focus is on providing a fresh, honest and high quality juice, everyday. An extensive and evolving juice range prepared responsibly, sustainability and always with the focus of providing balance to your life.

From a menu point of view, we have a large range of green juices and we see these juices as a daily juice. From a production point of view, we are committed to responsible juicing – we source locally and we get our produce delivered to a large cool-room. All juicing happens in this cool room which means our juice team is decked head to toe in beanies but our juices are at their freshest. We also made the important commitment to glass bottles which are not only recyclable but which maintain and respect the quality of the produce.

What can people expect from a Pressed Earth juice cleanse?

Although our focus is on providing a daily dose of nutrient dense juice we also offer juice cleanses. Our juice cleanses aim to do two key things, the first, to give a nutrients boost to those who consume them, the second, to educate people on their own daily eating habits and it’s outcome on body and mind. The “Juice n food” cleanse is much more laid back than the traditional, allowing juice to be consumed alongside healthy meals. It’s ideal for those looking to keep on track and very popular in winter. The “Classic Cleanse” and “More than Before” cleanses are a little more challenging but at the same time, very rewarding. These cleanses contain 6 to 7 juices which combine to give a balanced range of greens, roots, fruits and nuts. In the first day to second day of the cleanse, many find themselves with a headache as they adjust from their normal diets to juice, but by the end of day 3, most reports are positive, with cleansers feeling re-energized. Cleanses really help to identify our eating habits, they in particular show us how often we must eat unconsciously throughout a day, reaching for a biscuit at work or heading straight to the fridge as soon as we’ve walked in the door. This is a pretty powerful aspect of cleansing – it helps us to reassess what exactly we put in our bodies. We believe our cleanses leave people re-inspired and re-engaged in their health and fitness.

What do you love about the people of Perth?

There’s a lot to love, so much so it’s in our name “P-earth”. We share Perth’s love for balance – Perth people that take the time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty our region has to offer.

Picture credits:  Keeper Creative & Lajos Varga