We chat to the talented, Fremantle based artist, Ross Potter about his art and favourite Perth spots. 



Who Is Ross Potter?

Ross Potter is a full time artist with a focus on capturing the details of our built heritage as it stands today. Potter is originally from Brisbane but after spending a few months in Fremantle in 2007 he fell in love and decided to make it his home. 


Ross Potter by Dan Avila Photography

How would you describe your artistic style?

I was once described as a ‘Contemporary Architectural Illustrator’ by a friend and fellow artist, I like that I think. I aim to capture the depth and soul of my subjects by using graphite pencil on paper. I feel that this medium has enabled me to really show off the character of the buildings and to highlight details that are sometimes overlooked.


Where did your journey with art begin?

It was when my partner, Ellen McCarthy took me to the abandoned Coogee Power Station in 2011 that my journey really began. I had been in Fremantle for a few years and had been painting and drawing as a hobby, but it was after spending the afternoon there that I was compelled to draw the power station, just with a HB pencil to try to capture all the years of vandalism and decay. Once I began to pay more attention to this structure and started drawing it then I also started to notice that there were many more little details and interesting buildings to draw around Fremantle. The second building to capture my interest was the façade on Cliff Street in Fremantle, how bizarre it is just standing there on its own. That was when I decided to have my first exhibition The Free Antiques Campaign, at The Moore’s Building Contemporary Art Gallery in 2012, and I guess you could say it has snowballed from there.


What has been your career highlight so far?

It was working as an Artist in Residence with the Adolescent program at The Beehive Montessori School in preparation for my first exhibition in 2012. I worked with the students to create their own drawings, then seeing their work displayed along side mine at The Moore’s Building in Fremantle, was definitely a highlight. I was very grateful for that opportunity, especially to see a group of young individuals taking on a project with such passion and dedication as they did, it was really inspiring.


What do you love most about Perth?

Besides its cool and diverse art scene it would also have to be the locality. Although it is a remote part of Australia there are so many livable areas that are so close to WA’s beautiful coastlines. 

What is your favourite Perth Spot?

I love the feel of Fremantle, such a unique town with so many places to visit and enjoy. From seeing all the creative buzz at MANY 6160 (the old Myer building) to catching the latest exhibitions and having a coffee at The Moore’s Building. I also can’t go past Bread In Common, which has jumped the ranks on my favourite places to eat