Who is Brenton See?

I’m just a simple guy from Perth enjoying a simple art filled life.


Where does your inspiration come from?

I’m inspired by quite a few things but I generally don’t take inspiration from other artists work. I’m inspired by the day to day struggles of the everyday person. Peoples stories of happiness and sadness and life and death. David Attenborough’s documentaries have been a big influence on my work and is the main reason I choose to use animals in my work.


Where did your journey with art begin?

My art journey has been with me since I was a child. I was quite a naughty kid always getting into mischief. My mum chose to find something to amuse me instead of sticking me on ADHD meds.


She have me some pencils to play with and it’s stuck with me since. 

I’ve taken part in a tattoo apprenticeship and studied graphic design. Along with skateboarding, all these experiences led me down an art path to where I am now.


What is your favourite subject matter?

I use acrylics on wooden surfaces as my choice of medium. Animals of all shapes and sizes are what I use as my subject matter. I like to translate my stories into animal form and I feel like it simplifies what I want to say.


How would you describe the Perth art scene?

The Perth art scene right now is awesome. There is soo many up and

coming artists just waiting to make a name for themselves. Perth is small but it means there is less competition and more opportunities to get your artwork seen.


What is your favourite place in Perth?

My favourite place in Perth would probably be the Recycling Centre in Balcatta. It might sound weird but I like getting down there every once in a while to find random wooden furniture to up cycle with my art. I like turning something that’s been thrown to the side come back into another persons life.