Who is behind the Architects and Heroes concept?

Architects and Heroes is a concept from Lyly and me (Ronald Ngo) . Lyly is the brain behind the joint, and I am the “face”. We both love coffee, good coffee, and are pretty fussy about what we deliver in a business, too, so why not continue something we both love and have a passion for. Lyly and I already had been creating great coffee at Maven, so, when it came time to move onto greener pastures, Architects + Heroes was born.


Where did the name Architects and heroes come from?

I feel like architects are very rarely given the credit they are due for the awesome job that they do. They make magic happen and it’s always behind the scenes- not really something that is blatantly noticed. Lyly is our architect- she works tirelessly behind the scenes, making sure every aspect of our space is perfect- food, décor, coffees, etc. The heroes are our front of house staff, our baristas- they put into play what the architect has set up, they hero the brand, the coffee and the customers. In reality, you can’t have one without the other… Architects make the Heroes, in the same measure that Heroes portray the Architects.


What sets you apart from the rest?

Our passion for delivery a speciality coffee experience. We’re not just about you enjoying a great coffee, an amazing filter or a speciality SteamPunk [although, this is pretty unique]. At Architects and Heroes, we want you to love your coffee and be comfortable. We wanted to design an adaptable space- young hipsters can hang out, business people can have important meetings, coffee fanatics can drool over the SteamPunk.

Not just the experience, though, we love coffee. Our staff want you to love it, too. If you don’t know, ask, if you want to know tasting notes, ask. They will happily chat about what they love about the coffee, how best to drink your filter, what the difference between Syphon and SteamPunk is. Everyone here loves good coffee, and Architects and Heroes is designed to reflect that.


Where did your journey/passion for coffee stem from?

Let’s be honest, most people develop a love/ need for coffee when they are nearing the end of school, or starting their first year out. For me, I found mine in this space of time too. As a delightful, young man who had no desire to attain a tertiary education, I busied myself in the world of speciality coffee.  It’s a terribly convenient way to acquire a skill, meet pretty girls, stay up all night to play computer games, and look like I’m busy too.


What can people expect from a visit to Architects and Heroes?

At Architects and heroes, expect good quality coffee and a versatile atmosphere. Always comfortable, when you walk in the door, expect to have an experience that includes the finest of caffeinated (or chocolate/ juice-flavoured) beverages, tasty treats and a great brunch!


Do you have a house speciality?

A great filter through the SteamPunk.


What makes a good barista?

There’s a meme around that says “not sure if flirting or good customer service”- that’s tip number one. A love for coffee- that’s tip number three.

Doesn’t hurt that our guys are all pretty good looking too 😉


What is your favourite Perth hangout?

Metro City.