We chat to Pure Glow Cleanse co- founders Jacqueline Forth and Annette Gohl about their Perth based, cold-pressed juice business.


What is the Pure Glow Cleanse concept?

The idea is that we want to help on-the-go women to find their inner glow with our range of delicious cold-pressed juices. They were designed so that they can replace meals or customers can do a full cleanse to see big results in their skin, waistline, mood, energy levels, quality of sleep and help them to kick some of those bad habits that are so easy to have these days.  Our juice is lovingly crafted with vegetables and fruits so when you drink them you give your body a much-needed soak in vitamins, enzymes and minerals.  
Who is behind the concept and what inspired you to create Pure Glow Cleanse?
Jacqueline Forth and Annette Gohl are the co-founders of Pure Glow Cleanse.  Really it came down to both of us wanting high-quality, delicious and convenient juice ourselves (as proficient at-home juicers) that we could use to up-level our health and lives but there was none to be found in Perth.  We met through funny circumstances (well-timed emails and a 6-hour coffee date) and voila!  PGC was born right then and there.  Annette is the marketing and PR mastermind while Jacqueline focuses on business strategy and finances.  So together we make a great team!
What can people expect from the cleanse?
Our signature 3-Day Pure Glow Cleanse is 3 days of 6 inspired and yum juices that we make in our studio in North Perth fresh for each customer.  Throughout the cleanse days we encourage customers to mindfully sip away on their cold-pressed juices, about one every 2 hours.  Most customers are surprised at how full they feel because the juice is so nutrient-packed that your body doesn’t need or want food.  We also offer teas to customers to help warm them up when needed and to keep them busy between juices.  Customers can experience some detox symptoms such as headaches so we recommend taking it easy, especially for your first one.  They get so much easier the more you do it and the results just multiply!  At the end, most customers report feeling light, clear-headed, full of energy and getting the best sleep of their lives (really!).  It’s so exciting to see!
What is your favourite Perth place?
There are so many amazing places in Perth that it’s hard to pick just one! For an incredible Morrocan vegetarian meal you can’t go past Meeka in Subiaco. We love getting our glow on at the Infra Red Sauna at Skin Deep Medi Spa in the city (seriously like a mini tropical vacay to sweat out all your sins), Jualbup Lake in Shenton Park for serenity, meditation & duck watching, Jacob’s Ladder when we’re feeling the need for some cardio & Endota Spa in the city for the best massage in Perth.
Are there any exciting projects in the making for PGC?
YES!  We have so many things on the go at the moment.  While we can’t say too much, customers can expect to see some new menu items coming soon and some amazing collaborations that we can’t wait for!