Who is the Perthist?

The Perthist is a medium to share the unique and sometimes overlooked sights that Perth has to offer. You hear people say things like ‘I wish Perth had…’ or ‘Perth needs to be more like…” when really Perth already has a charm of it’s own.

My main goal is to capture an atmosphere and nuances. Majority of my photos are landscape – in attempt to capture a frame similar to that of the human eye.


Favourite place to take photos in Perth?

Anywhere along the coastline- if I could move to the South West I would!


What is your favourite thing about the people of Perth?

People are generally friendly. On the weekends it is always great to see the amount of people out and about enjoying what Perth has to offer.


What is your favourite place in Perth?

Well I am keen on cafes – in particular The Little Concept (TLC) on Wray Ave, Fremantle. The owner is hands on and is always making time to talk to his customers. What can I say, it is hard to beat a ‘Filthy Chai’.  Panache on Mill Street in the city is also a great one during the working week.

As far as sights, you still can’t beat down south, Yallingup or Margaret River. Closer to home though, a walk through the ally ways of the CBD is becoming more and more vibrant due to the street art and design choices. 


How would you spend your ultimate day in Perth?

Catching up with friends and family over a coffee or meal.