We chat to Perth breakfast guru, and author of the Breakfast confidential blog, Liz Sheehan about her favourite breakfast spots, and what goes in to making a great breakfast!


Who is behind Perth Breakfast Confidential?

My name is Liz Sheehan. I started the first breakfast blog in Perth over 5 years ago after noticing that you could never find reviews on breakfast – it was always for lunch and dinner. It’s now grown into the website I have today – The Breakfast Confidential. I also do freelance writing, including a regular spot for WA Today and I’m also a contributor to the West Australian Good Food Guide. This all started from my little blog! I do have a day job too – I am a trainer in the mining and construction industry. I get to travel a lot for work, which is pretty cool! Maybe one day I can quit my day job and write about food full time… one day!


In your opinion what makes a great breakfast?

A couple of things make a good breakfast. Firstly – the coffee. It has be good and if you’re a café that isn’t sure about making coffee, ask your supplier to come and give a few lessons. A well rounded breakfast menu is important too. Having inventive dishes is great but also having some staples like bacon and eggs is good too. And while we’re on the subject of eggs – they have to be runny! I want to see that lovely golden yolk ooze out of my poached eggs. So satisfying! 


Food at the Mary Street Bakery

How would you describe the breakfast scene in Perth?

It is really inventive at the moment. I am seeing breakfast dishes that you would have never heard of 5 years ago. It’s not just about slapping some eggs and bacon on the plate anymore, it’s more about beautifully presented dishes that you can’t help but take a photo of! I have also noticed the price is coming down for breakfast. For a few years there it was bordering on ridiculous with some places charging $25 for tinned beans and coles sausages on a big breakfast. Now most places are $20 and under for top quality breakfasts. 


Mary Street Bakery

What type of cafes would you like to see more of in Perth?

I’d love to see more CBD cafes open and serving food before 7am. If they are open before 7am, it’s only for coffee. 


Food at the Old Crow

Top 5 Perth Breakfast spots?

These are in no particular order! I can’t separate them – they are all my fave places…

Mary Street Bakery – Mt Lawley

Lenny the Ox – Fremantle

To The Woods – Bassendean

The Old Crow – Northbridge

Jezebelle – Guildford


Liz and Rene Redzepi – Co-owner and chef of Noma (The worlds best restaurant)


What is your favourite thing about Perth?

How much we have grown and matured as a city. Perth is in such an awesome phase at the moment. The change in café’s, bars and restaurants has been incredible. You can’t get away with just being

average anymore when there are so many top notch places to dine. I can’t keep up with all the new places opening! I want to go to them all! Lets hope people stop saying, “it’s not as good as  Melbourne”… we have the coffee, the bars and the beaches. What’s not to love?