What is Lakota Jewellery?

Lakota Jewellery is a small Perth based jewellery business, producing handmade sterling silver and gold jewellery designs including rings, bracelets and custom pendants. 


Who is behind the Lakota brand?

I am, Steph Brownfield. High school is where it started for me. We had the best jewellery class available and the best teacher – who I will forever thank for teaching me most of what I know. 

After school I did various things, none relating to jewellery. In 2011 I started making simple jewellery designs, mainly beaded bracelets and began Lakota Jewellery. In early 2013 I suddenly realised I needed to start working with sterling silver again. So six years after leaving school, I picked up the tools again and that brings me to where I am today. 


Steph Brownfield- owner & creator of Lakota Jewellery


Where does your inspiration for new styles come from?

I think my designs reflect my personal style, so as that changes, so do my designs. When I make something new, there’s a high chance I keep the first sample for myself! I use different stones depending on the seasons and trends coming and going with fashion. 

My family and friends not only inspire me, but motivate me to keep going and going with my jewellery!


What are your favourite materials to work with?

Sterling silver and lots and lots of turquoise! I love the fact that every single turquoise stone is unique and different in colour and patterns. Each stone has its own story.


What makes your jewellery unique?

These days there are lots of awesome businesses popping up everywhere, but I think it’s rare to find a label that not only designs its products, but creates them from scratch too. 

With Lakota Jewellery, the ring doesn’t exist until you order it! I hand make each ring to size per order. Custom turquoise stone rings/ pendants are the most exciting as no two stones are alike, so each order is completely different from the last. I don’t even know myself what the final product will look like until it has been finished. And that’s the best part!



What is your favourite place in Perth?

There are so many amazing places around Perth and I think sometimes people forget to appreciate what we have, while escaping to exotic countries. I have been lucky enough to enjoy plenty of family trips on my dad’s boat over at Rottnest Island, so that would have to be up there with the favourites. There are some of the prettiest places down south too.

LAK3Picture credits: Georgia Hanson & Cait Miers