Who is behind the Made Juice concept?

Myself, Matthew Glasfurd. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce at UWA in 2013 and have always dreamed of running my own business.

Completing a university degree and having the transition from student to the workforce was quite daunting at first and I considered the different avenues that my Bachelor of Commerce Degree at UWA could allow. However, since a young age I had always dreamed of running my own business as I thought the challenge of creating something from nothing was quite exciting (this thought process has been questioned in recent times though!). My trip to North America was the catalyst for the Made Juice concept, as it gave me an insight into a product which was healthy, accessible and affordable… and I thought that Perth residents would understand the cold press juice concept as it mirrored the culture and lifestyle of Australia, and in particular Western Australia.



Why did you create Made Juices?

I was travelling overseas in North America in 2012 and came across a cold pressed juice business. I tried their product and loved how delicious, healthy, fresh and full of flavour it was.  When I came back to Perth and looked for a similar product and couldn’t find anything I decided to create my own.  I have always loved cooking and was diagnosed as celiac around 2 years ago so have had to be very conscious of what i was am putting into my body. When I tried cold pressed juice for the first time, it was clear to me how good it was for you just from the way it made me feel regardless of all of the documented health benefits. 


What can people expect from Made Juices?

The freshest, most delicious and nutrient dense juices and juice cleanses in WA. With our cleanses, people can expect to feel great by reseting there system and it is a great way to break bad dietary habits. Although doing a cleanse for the first time can be quite daunting when you initially find out that it involves i.e.: not eating solid food and cutting out other types of food – people are generally surprised at how little hunger they feel while on a cleanse. It gives you a general feeling of lightness, while still being able to do any of the normal activities you would usually do day to day. 

But it must be said we are juice business. Think of the milkman – but juice. Our juices are an easy and convenient way to get all your daily required nutrients from fruits and vegetables in the tastiest way possible. That also means you can enjoy a less regimented diet as you are providing your body with an extremely dense nutritional product. That is not to say you can eat junk food all day, but drinking cold pressed juices (both fruit and green) daily helps keep your digestion and metabolism in balance. 


What is your favourite Perth hangout?

In the summer, the Cott is always a favourite and also Mrs Browns in North Fremantle.


Any tips for young entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business in Perth?

Be prepared to work a lot!  Its a lot of long hours and weekends while your friends are out partying but in the end its worth it. I find it really rewarding working for yourself and building something from nothing as a result of your own hard work. Don’t expect anything from anyone is another thing to keep in mind. Whatever your goal or idea, be prepared to do anything to achieve it – any help along the way is a bonus but you can’t always expect it. 


Anything else you would like to add about Made Juice? 

Although we sell juice cleanses, we are primarily a juice business. As I have mentioned earlier, I feel that this is the kind of product that should be readily accessible and benefit everyone in their daily routine. When you have a busy schedule, generally our health is what you let go of first through lack of exercise and poor eating choices. Made Juice is a product that not only tastes good, but also gives your body the nutrients that we so frequently neglect through a busy lifestyle.