What is Job Change Motivation?

Job Change Motivation is an organisation which offers a tailored Job Search service to assist clients transition from their current state of employment into new employment opportunities.

By introducing a revolutionary concept based on the successful “Employment Transition: Job Career Change Management Model C-RIM-VNR”®(which is an Australian first, as well as a world first) our consultants work together with the client using ‘Vision Board’ techniques to easily explain each step of the job search process. Upon completion of the consultation, our client’s will have received a tailored resume and essential knowledge necessary to confidently apply for their new employment opportunities.

Our innovative approach enables our consultants to fully comprehend our client’s needs to ensure they are equipped with the greatest chances of success during the job application process.


Who is behind the concept?

The concept behind Job Change Motivation was the brainchild of Sarah, a Perth based Change Manager.

Where did the Job Change Motivation idea stem from?

Shortly after being faced with an unexpected redundancy, Sarah decided to take the opportunity to further her studies in Training and Assessment. However, after being introduced to others who had advised her of their struggle to re-enter the job market since receiving their own redundancies, she decided to put her skills to greater use and the idea for Job Change Motivation was established  

For Sarah, one of the greatest motivators was that this material, which was developed over many months was going to help so many people with their job search efforts. As this new initiative is a pro-active approach to job/career change and is an example of how to turn your interests, strengths and talents into an opportunity of transferable skills for a new job/career (essentially “Think Outside the Box”). 

What are your services?

We offer a range of different services where our helpful consultants will assist the client meet their best potential. Our services include;

  • Tailored Resume Construction

  • Job Ready workshops for high school students

  • Redundancy into New Opportunity (RINO) workshops

  • Job Change Motivation workshops

Taking today’s busy lifestyles into consideration, our consultants offer the flexibility of working in person, over the phone or via email. This is of course at the client’s request, offering the client flexibility and convenience.

Who can use your services?

Our services are available to anyone wishing to enter or re-enter the job market. Considering the current employment statistics in Australia, our revolutionary change management concept is needed now more than ever to help those in the following areas;

  • Employees transitioning from their Current Job into their New Job

  • Job Seekers going from Unemployment to Employment

  • High School Students going for their First Job

  • People experiencing a Redundancy

 How can Job Change Motivation be contacted?

If you would like to contact us for more information, simply email through tojobchangemotivation@gmail.com or call through to 0419 300 217.

We can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.