Who is Maeker Studio?

Spencer and Marie-Clare Parks. 

Spencer and Marie-Clare collaborate in design while Spencer is head of construction and Marie-Clare heads up the back of house.


Who is behind the Maeker Studio concept?

Both Marie-Clare and Spencer created Maeker and the Maeker Philosophy. 

The Eco friendly approach came from the love of natural resources and the realisation of just how much the furniture and cabinetry industry waist and contribute to landfill. Our deep appreciation for beautiful and clever design also drives the project everyday!


What is the Maeker Studio vision?

Our vision, 

To eliminate the disposable furniture mentality, We are struck by the amount of Ikea and alike home furnishings that we see pilled up on the side of the road awaiting rubbish collection. Many of these pieces are unable to be repurposed due to low quality materials and this means the contribution to landfill is enormous. We would like to see the mind set change from pieces that “will do for now” to pieces that have been made to last and made to love. We want to create pieces that you would never part with, that has been created just for your space, just for your life and that you pass down from family member to family member. Using reclaimed, recycled and reusable materials we create pieces that will last.


What makes your furniture unique?

Materials and Design.

All of our pieces are designs by us with sustainability in mind and a Modern Japanese, Scandinavian and Danish aesthetic.

The Materials that we source have a life time of stories to tell, we collect timber from all over the state and from many unique structures. For example recently we picked up !00 year old beams that had been removed from an old weir in the south west. This timber had been the first to support a Steam Engine in Western Australia and had been sitting in salt water for that time, barnacles still attached! After it had been specially dried we use the timber to create a variety of pieces that are in homes now up and down the West coast and will be there for another 50 years.

We find that pretty unique!


What is your favourite Perth spot?

We are pretty keen on a few spots in Fremantle but our favourite spot in Perth is Mister Munchies Sushi joint on Beauford St. The American Ribs Sushi is REDIC!