Who Is Izzy Smith?

A 19 year old creative mind and freelance illustrator living with strong sense of wanderlust. I’m currently finding my feet and discovering what I enjoy about making artwork.


What inspires your art?

Definitely my own mind and it’s unorganised thoughts, but also magazines, models and the personalities of people I know. I love trying to draw a person to depict their personality traits or certain aspects about them such as mystery, mischievousness or sadness. 


Where did your art journey begin?

Probably around the end of 2012 when I was finishing year 12 at school where I was studying Visual Arts. I started to publish some of my drawings online and people surprisingly liked them. I eventually opened up a small store and couldn’t believe that people all over the world wanted a piece of my work for themselves. 


What has been your biggest artistic achievement so far?

Entering my first exhibition since I finished high school. I didn’t win any prizes and I didn’t sell my work but it was about getting over the nerves and the fear of exhibiting. I stood near my work on the opening night and watched people looking at it, looking confused and trying to explain their own interpretations. It was definitely the best feeling. Soon I will be exhibiting in Perth and also in Melbourne later this year! They’ll be my next achievements if I can face those nerves again. 


Favourite thing about Perth?

The weather for sure. I absolutely love our hot summers. I also enjoy Perths hidden talent, boutiques, cafes and neat little bars that are so quirky and unique to Perth. 


Favourite Perth hangout?

I wouldn’t call it a hangout but I love shopping in enex100 and I don’t mind visiting Shape Bar once in a while. Wolf Lane is one of my favourite places to visit in the city. 


Where can people find your art? My Etsy store: http://www.isabellasmithart.etsy.com/

and I usually post on my Instagram @izzysmithh and my art blog http://www.isabellasmithh.tumblr.com/