What is Eden Light Retreat?

Eden Light Retreat is a small and very private Health Retreat focused on creating tailored Detox Programs for individuals seeking support, information and inspiration to recharge, refocus and often to reinvent themselves and their lives.


Who is behind the concept and how did the idea come about?

Jacqueline Tuffnell is the owner and creator of Eden.  Jacqueline and her family moved to the property that was to become Eden in 1998 and in 2000 Eden opened to support cancer patients and their carers, a brush with Cancer being Jacqueline’s own introduction to alternative therapies in 1995. Today the Retreat is open to everyone seeking a better quality of life.


What can people expect from a stay at Eden Light Retreat?

Guests of Eden can expect to experience a beautiful nurturing and healing environment and to leave feeling, clearer, cleaner, refreshed and with a much better understanding of their bodies needs and their life’s possibilities.


What makes Eden Light Retreat unique?

Eden is unique partly due to its individually tailored detox Programs, we only accommodate 2 guests at any one time and so all sessions are one on one.  This ensures that all the guest’s questions and needs are answered, in a very respectful and beautifully secluded setting.


What is your favourite thing about Perth?

I love that fact that Perth has the feel of a small city and yet all the advantages of an eclectic and diverse population. Its proximity to so many beautiful areas, the hills and the Valley together with the South West make it a perfect blend of the very best of living for me.