Who is Flash Box Foto?

I am Ronan Sweeney I am flash Box foto.  I have lived in Perth since 1995, originally from Ireland.  I work part time at JBHIFI to supplement my photography income.  Photography is my greatest love in life apart from my teenage son.  I am not the kind of photographer that boost of his skills instead I prefer to allow my work speak for me.



What is your favourite subject matter?

I really love working with all subject matter, I find beauty in all things when I photograph them.  If I had to choose though I would have to say there are 3, Landscapes inclusive of Sunsets and dramatic skies. I love the medium of Black and White in its most dramatic form. And lastly I love to capture people in their lives again expressed in Black and White.


Where did your journey with photography begin?

In my early 20s I picked up a Canon DSLR and have been hooked ever since, I just loved the creamy bokehs and the challenges of shooting in low light.  I gave it up for some years as I climbed the corporate ladder in finance only to return passionately to it about 8 years ago.  I still dabbled with it during this time shooting Black and White film I loved waiting to see the outcomes of my film.  Moving to digital brought about and entirely new learning curve and opened up so many possibilities that film didn’t have.  I played in the Nikon field for a bit when I picked up digital but soon returned to my original love of Canon. 


What is your favourite thing about Perth?

Perth is an amazing place that has changed so much in the nearly 20 years I have been here, I love the wide open spaces, the glorious sunsets, the ability to spend most of the year enjoying outdoor activities.  I am particularly fond of the Swan River and all its surrounding and its diversity.


Favourite place to photograph in Perth?

Mmmmm this is a tough one, I guess Cottesloe at sunset and the amazing Blue boathouse in Crawley.  I also love the amazing interior of St Georges Cathedral.


Where can people view your work?

My work is viewable on many social media sites.

Instagram @flashboxfoto

Twitter @flashboxfoto

Facebook @flashboxfoto

Web www.flashboxfoto.com

500px 500px.com/flashboxfoto

Flickr https://www.flickr.com/people/117110156@N08/