Who is the Perth Coffee Scene?
The Perth Coffee Scene is a blog exploring the cafes of Perth, trying to get coffee lovers sharing the love of their favourite spots and to get everybody involved and talking! Personally, I have been a barista for over 5 years and love a good cup of coffee. I figured that if I could share my experiences with the people of Perth and they could share theirs as well – we all end up with a good cup of coffee at the end of the day!
Where are the top five places to get coffee in Perth?
That is a tough question! The Perth Coffee Scene did recently have a poll which The Sparrows Nest in Victoria Park won. They do have pretty great coffee and some inventive menu items! My favourites would have to be Addison and Steele in North Perth, Architects & Heroes in Subiaco, Harvest in Victoria Park and a tie between Standing Room Only and Low Down in the CBD.
What makes a good coffee?
I honestly think that good coffee comes down to the ‘care factor’ of the barista. Obviously, using quality coffee beans and milk are main factors too, but even if you paired the best coffee with the best milk and had a barista that didn’t care, the coffee can still come out bad…
How would you describe the Perth Coffee scene?
I think the coffee scene in Perth is really blossoming. We have new cafes opening every week and not just your every day, run of the mill cafes, they’re really cool, passionate, concept cafes that keep it interesting. Coffee seems to be a new passion that Perth people are pursuing and they’re pulling it off well, in my opinion.
What would you like to see more of in the Perth coffee scene?
I would like to see more specialty drinks! The Sparrows Nest have The Crema Brûlée (a caramel latte with a creme brûlée burnt sugar topping), Cioccolato have the Cioccolatte (a rich, rich hot chocolate – add coffee if you please) – if you do something well, make it a signature drink and get the word out! I would also like to see more latte art! Presentation is key and it is such an underrated talent of baristas everywhere.
Where does Perth coffee rate on a world scale?
I think Perth coffee is climbing the world scale. We’re definitely catching up to some of the coffee capitals of the world and I honestly think we will get there.

Where can people find your blog and instagram?

My blog is on Facebook as The Perth Coffee Scene (, Instagram as @theperthcoffeescene and the website – I am working on an app so watch this space!
Anything else you would like to add?
Submissions, questions and suggestions are very welcome on any of our social media platforms – thank you to everybody who has supported The Perth Coffee Scene so far and thanks to LovePerthLife for getting TPCS involved!