Who is behind the new makeup label?

Vera Coleski Makeup Artistry has been established by me, Vera Coleski. A 30 year old creative that has turned a dream into a reality. Aside from myself, my husband has played a very big part in supporting me in my new venture and making me realise that this is my dream even after studying design and architecture for over 7 years it’s great to see that even he knows what contouring is. Being in the makeup industry for so long and being involved in many exciting and challenging projects along the way, I developed a deeper love for something I was always interested in. Being a passionate artist, I thrive on challenges and creativity and in the makeup industry the most important thing is passion, it is this that has got me to where I am today.V4

What sets this makeup apart from the rest?

My passion is to make people look and feel great and I have always been a huge advocate of any product I put on my clients skin but I saw a need in the market for a product that was of a high standard as well as offering an affordable price for the everyday consumer. After years of working in the industry and not being able to find a solution I decided to take matters into my own hands. For the past few years I have worked extensively and tirelessly to produce a full range of cosmetics that finally meets these needs. I am very proud of the final results and am confident in putting my name on it. My products have skin perfecting ingredients and long wearing formulas that directly compete with other high end products, but at a more realistic price. My collection is extremely versatile and will cater for all consumers including industry professionals, offering an extensive range of colours as well as a product line including brushes, eyelashes and more. Perth is so dynamic and its inspiring to see the demand over the years for access to more diverse and high quality products and I believe it’s an ample time to launch my products as it meets the needs of our growing city.V3

Why did you decide to launch your own brand? ?

Having a qualification in Interior Architecture I have always been interested and passionate about colours and design and even through my degree I secretly always had a passion to start something of my own that would have me feeling great about myself every day. Throughout my studies I worked as a makeup artist and developed a love and passion for it which ended up turning into a career. No matter what you do in life, the most important thing is to love what you do. I have been working on starting my own label for over 2 years now. I knew that I needed something more challenging in my life career wise and the idea of my own label was in my mind for years before until I finally bit the bullet and gave It all I had.

V1Top 5 places in Perth?

1.      Perth City- This is a place that has evolved so much in the past few years and is continuing to grow on so many levels. I love the architecture both new and old, the fashion, the glamour and the history. I have travelled all over the world but I truly believe in there is no better place than home. Perth is a fantastic city in every way and is only becoming bigger and better in time. It’s great to see Perth is becoming recognised for the beautiful place it is.

2.      Scarborough Beach- I love summer, so anything to do with the beach and sun is most definitely in my top 5 list.

3.      Crown Casino- The diversity is fantastic, it’s great to see a place evolve so much and be of 5 star standard in entertainment.

4.      Beaufort Street- Such a dynamic place with great restaurants, bars and quirky shops.  There is something to do or purchase any day of the week.

5.      South Perth Esplanade- One of my favourite places to sit and unwind. The view of Perth’s City Skyline is breathtaking both day and night.

V2What are your favourite instagrams?

 @hudabeauty – makeup

@wherethestyledthingsare- WA blogger

@moschino- fashion

@perthstylesource- WA blogger

I love the fact that so many people are following their dreams in Perth it’s inspiring and great to see this through social media as its expanding so much in our little City, little no more, the sky is the limit for Perth!!

V5Where can people buy your makeup?

My makeup will be available online as of the 1st of July 2015. I also provide Makeup Parties, grab a group of friends together for a couple hours while you sit and relax I demonstrate makeup looks and teach makeup tips and tricks. This is a great way to have a play with the products, ask any questions regarding colours and shades all whilst having fun with your girls.