Who is Rachelle Dusting?

I’m an emerging artist born and raised in Perth, WA. I finished my BFA in 2012 at the University of Western Australia and graduated with Honours in 2013. Currently I’m based South of the River creating from my studio in Willetton. I also work assisting in the Visual Arts department at UWA and part time as a floral merchandiser.


Perth Artist- Rachelle Dusting

How would you describe your artistic style?

At this (early!) stage of my art practice, I’d say my style is mostly driven through narratives- depicting stories influenced by personal revelations that take place within my everyday. I’m also really fascinated by past and prevalent ideas of beauty in painting, and the conversation that takes place between a portrait and the viewer. The painting method chiaroscuro has had a large influence over my painting practice, a technique which exaggerates light and shadow within each piece to give a dynamic and striking effect. 

RD 3 Jarrad Seng

Jarred Seng

What mediums do you use?

I mostly use oil paints; there’s something about the silky texture that I find really beautiful (and slightly addictive!) to work with. The process of blending with oils and manipulating colour excites me! I tend not to use black in my paintings, so multiple layers (which oil paints allow) is vital to my painting process. 

RD 4 Pippa McManus

Pippa McManus

Favourite Subject Matter?

A huge part of who I am as a person and who I’ve been brought up to be is investing time in people. I love getting to know people and hearing their stories- particularly from those who have vision to impact and inspire others in their community and beyond. I love the ability portraiture gives me to convey their stories, which is why my current focus is developing my skills in portraiture. It’s capturing the likeness and character of a person to reveal glimpses of their journey which inspires me. 

RD 1 Tristan, 2013

Tristan, 2013 By Rachelle Dusting

Career Highlight so far?

Last year was a really exciting and busy year for me! Having my first solo show at Free Range Gallery Beauty in the Particular at Free Range Gallery, receiving People’s Choice Award from the City of Gosnells Exhibition, and being commissioned by MP Matt Taylor Member for Bateman were definitely opportunities that both humbled and encouraged me in my practice. This year in January I received a scholarship to attend the Art Academy in SA under the guidance of artist Robin Eley- and that is definitely an experience I’ll remember for years to come!

RD 2 I AM Zheng, 2012

I AM Zheng, 2012 – By Rachelle Dusting

Art Idols?

Over the last 18months I’ve had the incredible opportunity of meeting three of my biggest artistic inspirations- people who now inspire me far beyond their artistic abilities! NY Artist Maria Teicher has played a crucial role, not only in my development as a painter but in challenging me to ask myself the hard questions on what it is to be an artist. I feel as though I am living amongst some of the greatest painters of my time- and love the fact that social media given me access to reach and

connect with artists like Maria (who I eventually got to meet last July in NYC!). NY artist David Kassan and Australian artist Robin Eley have also had a significant impact on my development as a painter, and the way I think as an artist. 

RD 5

Fav place in Perth?

Ooh! Toughy!! I love that this kind of question has become a struggle for me to answer- it’s a good reflection of the fact that the movement of pop-up shop and cool cafes is really making a difference to Perth’s creative scene- makes it hard to narrow it down to just one place! I’ve always lived south the river, and so for that reason I’d have to say getting chocolate covered strawberries from the Fremantle Markets is my favourite past time, but recently I can’t get enough of Raw Kitchen on High Street…their beetroot dip is divine..

RD 6

Where can people find your art?

They can find my artworks through my facebook page facebook.com/rachelledustingfineartspage or join me on my adventures through instagram @rachelledusting J