What is Shelan Creatives?

Founded in 2014, Shelan Creatives is a boutique graphic design studio that has a vison of creating one of a kind print designs and unique hand-crafted accessories. Shelan Creatives services range from hand brushed stationery designs to custom event invitations. One of my current projects is: the Three Words Project, a series of custom quotes turned into ink and hand-brushed prints with the idea being that sometimes the simplest of things can make the biggest difference. 


Who is behind the concept?

Shelan Creatives is founded by me, Shelan Liszech. 25 years young, stationery designer and stylist of my own little world. Four and a half years ago, I have left my beautiful country Mauritius, which is a tropical island in the heart of the Indian Ocean, to the pursuit of my creative dreams here in Perth, Australia where I studied a bachelor of Design and Arts at Curtin University and then pursued postgraduate certificate of Communications at Edith Cowan University. 


Where did the concept stem from?

Coming from a country that tends to put more focus on the academic than the creative, was one of the biggest motivations to build my own creative company. And Perth opens up a lot of opportunities for me and helps me grow in ways that I cannot be thankful enough. Being in the creative field, since high school, has taught me how to grow and learn from the criticisms. It all comes down to trial and error, and many many sleepless nights. It’s only the beginning for Shelan Creatives and I believe that the best is yet to come!


What inspires your work?

Having fallen in love with fashion, DIYs and stationery, in my teenage years, has influenced my creative work throughout the years. Tea and magazines breaks are very crucial for my work, they allow me to take a step back and to breathe a little and that’s one way I get inspiration from. Magazines such as Frankie magazine, Real Living magazine, Renegade Collective hub are a big boost of creativity. I am also grateful for Instagram which is an astounding platform where I have met and befriended creative people whom I work in collaboration with today. Speaking of Instagram, it is not only for the amazing people you meet but first of all, it’s a platform on which I let my imagination flourish by trying to make the simple daily routine into something magical and special. And above all; Passion! I am a true believer of passion. At this stage of point, my passion and hard work are my essence and what drive me to go further and achieve my goals. 

Where can people find your work? You can find my work and also shop the Three Words Project at  Shelan Creatives pledges to donate 20% of the sales received from the Three Words Project to an Cancer Organisation in Perth. This is a worthy cause that I feel passionate about as cancer has a devastating impact on all who are touched by it and I wish to be part of an organisation aiming to decrease its growth.


What is your favourite place in Perth?

As I thought that I have answered the hardest questions above, this last one seems to be the hardest. Haha. Purely because, I love Perth. It may sound cliché, but I truly do. I like the fact that Perth is Perth. A place that I can call home. I do not have one favourite place, in fact I have too many. Before Shelan Creatives, I was working part time south of the river and that would leave me a few days off every week that I would spend wandering every corner of the CBD hunting down quirky cafés. Perth city may be too small for some, but it definitely has half of my heart. If you’re wondering about the other half, I left it down South in Margaret River where I spent the most beautiful Easter holidays. 


However, I also enjoy Perth’s beaches, the ocean is an old friend of mine that I love visiting occasionally. It soothes me. To be honest, Fremantle is my happy place since bread in common opened its doors. If you have had their delicious homemade bread and butter, you know what I’m talking about.